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Increase the responsiveness of your wordpress website, and improve the user experience, search engine rankings and make life easier for your team.

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Why buy WordPress Hosting Switzerland With Swishosting?

Now that you have made the smart decision to use wordpress for your website, it’s time to choose the right hosting. Our WordPress Hosting Switzerland plan is simply dedicated hosting to improve the performance and security of your wordpress website.
It includes automatic updates and one-click installation of wordpress-related applications to make it easy to get started.

WordPress Toolkit, manage your WordPress site with total simplicity

What is WP Toolkit?

WP Toolkit is a cPanel plugin that provides a set of tools for managing WordPress included in our WordPress hosting packages. The plugin allows you to install, update and manage WordPress websites directly from the cPanel interface, without having to access the WordPress administration panel.

What Can I Do with WP Toolkit?

Update WordPress

WP Toolkit allows you to update WordPress quickly and securely.

Install WordPress in one minute

You can install WordPress in a few clicks and choose from different versions.

Manage themes and plugins

WP Toolkit allows you to install and uninstall plugins and themes, activate and deactivate those in use, and update everything with a single click.

Manage backups

You can back up your website and database, schedule regular backups, and restore data as needed.

Manage your files

You can edit WordPress files directly from the cPanel interface, without having to log in via FTP.


WP Toolkit offers a number of security tools to protect the website from attacks and threats.

Clone your site

WP Toolkit of allows you to clone your website, to make all changes and updates, in a test environment.

Managing backups

You can back up your website and database, schedule regular backups, and restore data as needed.

Always stay safe in the knowledge that your information is always protected

Every day, an automatic backup of your complete website and configurations is created so that you can restore them if errors should occur in the meantime. This feature is free and included in each of our plans.

You choose which files you want to restore, or you can even restore an entire site. You can restore individual files, e-mail accounts, and DNS records. Do this whenever you want and with a few simple clicks.

Your website always up and running, 99.9% uptime guaranteed

Your website always up and running, 99.9% uptime guaranteed

Super fast
Made a mistake? Restore your website with one click on the last saved version.

With the WordPress Hosting plan, your website is safe. Backups are performed automatically without human intervention.

Discover our add-ons that allow you to configure your security settings quickly and easily.

Protect your customers' information with SSL

All our plans have a built-in ssl certificate, which is free and can be installed in seconds. Get your website https:// up and running instantly. Improve your search engine rankings and convey trust and credibility to your customers.

Wildcard SSL

A single wildcard certificate can protect all your domains or subdomains. You don’t have to worry about any of your site extensions.

Automatic renewal

The included certificate automatically renews as long as your account is active with us, you don’t have to move a finger.

Mega encryption

All our certificates are 256-bit encrypted and fully validated.

We can easily migrate your site from another provider.

If you want to switch to our WordPress Hosting, but don’t know how to migrate your site to us, don’t worry. Our migration center will take care of moving your website to our WordPress Hosting Switzerland. Upgrade to one of our rates in minutes, with no waiting time or additional fees.

Migrate to a more stable hosting in minutes instead of a few days Migration transfers the contents of your old mailbox to the new one. You can easily migrate the site yourself full versions that also retain your cpanel configuration are restored.

Manage Your Hosting easily with the world’s most powerful and easy-to-use dashboard.

Discover the full power of cpanel

Are you familiar with cPanel? It is a market-leading interface that allows you to manage your hosting configuration to take full advantage of the benefits we offer at SwisHosting.

cPanel is a simple panel that will allow you to install applications such as WordPress, with a single click, view reports and configure your domains (which would not be necessary if you hire our All-in-One services).

We don’t leave you alone, we support you with experts.

We offer you fast, efficient, and helpful service at all times. Our consultants and operators are always attentive to your questions, suggestions, support requests, and complaints.

Get fast answers and high-quality support solutions.

Certified cpanel experts: we have qualified staff to meet your requests, thanks to the most popular web hosting management platform in Switzerland.

24/7/365: We know there is no specific time for worry when running a business. We provide you with several channels to assist you whenever you need it.

Scalable support: your needs are endless. Sometimes, your support requests may require an expert’s opinion for its solution. Don’t worry: an expert will address your case by solving the problem in a very short time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use one of these plans if my site is not made WordPress?

Absolutely. By buying any of these plans, you will be able to install any site, even if not made with wordpress. Of course, some options will not be available, such as WP Toolkit, but otherwise you will be able to take advantage of the full power of our servers and cPanel.

How do you manage backups for a WordPress site?

To create backups for your WordPress site, you don’t have to do anything at all. All backups are made automatically every day, and are kept for 21 days. So at any time you can restore your site, with just one click.

What scalability options are available for WordPress sites that need more resources?

At SwisHosting we have very generous plans for your sites. Should your current plan no longer suffice, you can without any problem upgrade to the next plan, without having to reinstall anything. It will be enough to send an email to our support, which will take care of everything.

How does migrating a WordPress site to your hosting service work?

Migrating a wordpress site, can sometimes be a headache, as you will need to export all the files, as well as databases and emails. That’s why we offer migration service to our WordPress hosting, completely free of charge. Our experts will do all the work for you.

I have never used cPanel. How do I do that?

cPanel is the most widely used panel in the world. It has many very intuitive features. However to better manage your cPanel you can use our giude, or in case of more difficult problems to solve, our support team is available 24/7/365, and will help you solve any problem.

In your plans, is the SSL certificate included?

Yes, a free SSL certificate is included in all our plans. This will make your site secure, both for your visitors and for search engines. Also in cPanel we have a feature, which, with one click allows you to install the certificate, as well as force the switch from HTTP TO HTTPS.

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