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How to choose the right domain for your website

You will probably have no problem finding a domain name to your liking. A domain should convey the right image and help enhance your brand value over time. If you have already chosen your web hosting switzerland plan, now it’s time to choose a domain.

Tip 1


Your domain name should be between 6 and 10 characters long. Long names allow the user to make typing mistakes or simply not remember it. A domain of 8 characters is an optimal length, and it is an opportunity to improve traffic to your website.

Tip 2


While you might think that a domain like vendo-casa.ch would be beneficial for search engine rankings, it could be considered spam.
It is better to build a reputation around your brand and publish valuable content on your site than to put a descriptive name to your service.

Tip 3


You may find that a .com extension is your best and only option. While it is true that you must have a .com domain to improve your site traffic, there are other top-level domains that can better describe your niche: .io, .tech, .edu, .school, .marketing, etc.

What to do if your domain has already been taken over by someone else

Unfortunately there is not much you can do in that instance. A domain is a registered property for as long as the person has made the contract. You can contact the domain owner (if they have their public details) to persuade them to buy the domain you need. Don’t be discouraged. The opportunities with domains are endless. If the domain you are looking for refers to your brand name, try adding 3 letters that identify your country, or use a different extension.



A domain name identifies your organisation on the internet over time. A good domain name builds trust with your customers and extends your brand to a global territory.

It brings professional credibility to your business and sets you apart from the millions of unprofessional and, in some cases, unreliable websites. A solid domain name is like a prestigious surname.

Your site already has an ip web address assigned to it. This numerical address is difficult to remember and does not refer to your brand. A domain makes it easier for your customers to remember how to search for you on the internet.

A good domain name can help your site rank on the internet. The words you use within the domain name or the authority and track record of your brand influence the serp.

Make your business technologically savvy and forward-thinking. Whether you sell products online or offline, it is critical for your reputation to claim your space online.

Why you should buy a domain name today

For the same reason that your company or organisation has a trade name, you need to have a name that identifies you or differentiates your brand on the internet. Domain names are practically infinite, but someone may register the one you need today and you may have to choose another one that is not as convenient.


Your domain name and your brand – what do you need to consider?

Create a first impression


Just like when you meet someone and get a first impression just by looking at them, that’s how domains work. Create a domain that is memorable, easy to spell, easy to read and easy to pronounce.

Long-term investment


Think of your domain as a long-term investment. Do not include generic words that refer to your products, or this could limit you over time as your organisation grows.

Claim your domain

Claim your domain in all possible ways. You may want to consider a few variants similar to your current domain name. Acquire them to make sure they all go to your site.

The Perfect Experience

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Can two domains be the same?

Just as your website on a server has a unique IP address, so do domains. No two domains can be exactly the same and active at the same time. ICANN is the body responsible for administering domains and other features of the internet.
Thanks to ICANN, users can find the websites they are looking for from correct, unique addresses with a simple anatomy.

How is a domain built?

Domain name registration is a very simple process. Choosing it can be a more complicated process. To make a good decision, you need to understand the anatomy of the domain.
A domain can consist of two or three parts: Name, Extension and Country Code (optional).

Domain name extensions

Of course, a domain name has some rules regarding composition and characters that cannot be used.
You can use numbers from 0 to 9, letters from ‘a’ to ‘z’ and as a character only the hyphen ‘-‘.
You cannot put a hyphen at the beginning or at the end of your domain name.
You cannot put two hyphens in a row.

Why it is good to choose a country code

Country codes, such as .ch for Switzerland, is attractive to search engines. If someone in Switzerland wants to search for your brand on the web, the search engine will prioritize results for domains in Switzerland over others. In other words, a country code is a good SEO strategy.
Moreover, an extension with a country code generates more credibility and trust among buyers. When a user sees a local extension, they understand that you speak their language and that they won’t have any problems with payment methods, for example.
Although you could do this with any extension, the country code gives you the opportunity to be creative in your language and create name + code combinations.

What happens if you do not renew your domain before the contract expires?

Domains have a life cycle between being available and being released when no one renews them. A domain starts by being available, but goes through different stages once a user takes it over. We define these stages as follows:
Available domain: No one has taken it, or it has already been taken but not renewed and has been released again.
Registered domain: Once the domain is purchased, it becomes a registered domain for the period you have agreed with the provider.
Grace Period: When the contract ends, you have 42 days to renew it with the same domain provider.
Redemption Period: If 42 days have passed and you have not renewed, you will have to pay a higher price to get the domain back, but you still have 30 days to do so.
Cancelled domain: If you do not take the domain back, it will be unavailable for 5 days and will not be displayed. After that it will be displayed again as an available domain.

How to buy or register a domain name?

Use our search function to find out if your domain is available. The search function will show you the options and prices that are available to you. If you need hosting, remember that you get the domain for free when you purchase a web hosting or WordPress web hosting package.
Highlight your domain to the world. If you see that .net, .com and .ch extensions are available for your domain, then you should buy them all today.
After you have selected the options that meet your needs, you will still need to provide some information about yourself and make the payment for your selection.

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